Saturday, October 13, 2007

A preschool game that even Momma likes to play!

Who can resist miniature wooden fruit that you collect in tiny baskets? Not me! And preschoolers are thrilled to gather all the fruit before the raven gets it.

This is a cooperative game, so all the players are working together, which is nice for when Ronan wants to play a game with a friend. Four-year-olds are not good losers, I've found.

There are other versions of this game, including a mini one in a tin, and a large-scale one that's over two feet square, with Haba's regular-size wooden fruit.

Haba's quality is really exceptional. This game will last forever, assuming you can hang onto all the little fruit. Not suitable for the under-two set because of the choking risk.

Many online retailers sell this; so Google for the best price and shipping deal.

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Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying your insights on this blog, Erin. This is just the beginning of you finding your toy niche! : ) --Amye