Sunday, October 21, 2007

The perfect gift for a second-time momma

This small diaper bag by Fleurville is aptly called the "Escape Pod." It's great for second-time moms in particular, because, at least in my experience, we tend to carry less. I realize that the math doesn't add up: more kids = carrying less stuff, but it's true for me. I live on the wild side now. No extra outfit, blankie, jacket, sippy cup or miscellaneous toys at my beck and call in the middle of Target. (Don't ask about the back of my van, though!)

This bag does easily hold my wallet, cell phone, a changing pad (included), one diaper and wipes. I've been using mine for a good year, and it's probably almost time to move on. But it's had a good run!

One of my wise friends has mentioned that this is not such a good option for non-breastfeeding moms, because there's no room to carry a bottle. But I think that's the only downside. Check Google to see all the fun prints that are available.

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