Saturday, January 26, 2008

Moveable art

Since we recently finished an addition to our house, we have a lot of blank walls. I got inspired, and ordered a magnetic spiral puzzle with a magnet board. Now we have a unique, constantly changing work of art.

My suggestion is to hang it so that it's easy to remove from the wall so you can work on it at the table. We didn't do this, but I'll ask my husband to remedy that sometime soon.

I got my puzzle through a co-op, but it's available at Nova Natural. Google "spiral magnet puzzle" to find other retailers. The small, wooden pieces are definitely too little (and enticing) for the under-three set.

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Shawn MacNish said...

In Breck's room he has a small "cubby" which I painted with a magnetic primer before coating it with regular paint. He loves to go in there and stick his dinosaurs on the walls and ceiling. The same company also makes chalkboard paint, which I used over the magnetic primer on one wall so he can draw and use the magnets together. Here is the link if you are interested: