Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lucky grandparents!

About six weeks ago, I began the search for something my four-year-old could make for his grandparents for Christmas. Keep in mind, he's not an artistic kid. I've tried dot paint, glitter glue, scissors, stickers, 18 kinds of crayons -- he'd rather run, as he explained to me.

Last year he painted coffee mugs at one of those paint-it-yourself pottery places. Granted, the total time spent painting was about 3-1/2 minutes, but they turned out great and hit my two major criteria: He was involved in making them, and they're useful.

On one of the photo sites, I saw notepads made out of a photo, and then, my inspiration struck. Ronan wrote "Mimi," "Papa," and "Nonna" with different colored markers (he does like writing, so this was acceptable to him). Then I had Beatrix scribble. My fabulous husband scanned in their work, and pasted it into a VistaPrint template in Photoshop. Two weeks later, we had gifts!

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Silvia said...

They fool me every time, too! I see a page and think, hey, did Thomas write that? LOL