Sunday, December 30, 2007

To Playmobil

I was so excited when my son turned four, all because of you. Sure, we had delved into the 1-2-3 line, and it's great. But oh, the big kid sets. Castles, pirates, construction vehicles, submarines and so much more! The level of detail is amazing, and the workmanship is fantastic. I love the ka-chunk, ka-chunk sound as my son rolls up the drawbridge on his new castle.

I'm glad we didn't jump the gun, though, as frustration can come easily to a little one who can't quite make the ATV guy's hands clip on to the handlebars.

The fact that your line is mostly still produced in Europe is fantastic in these lead-fearing days.

Now I just need to get a bunch of bins to hold the numerous, tiny accessories. And then head back to eavesdrop outside my son's door: "Dragon, you need to wait until everyone has their swords to attack." Thanks for making such nice, polite dragons!


Kimbrah said...

I am a lurker around here, but I have to say that we love Playmobil at our house! We do let our almost 3 year old play with them with his older brother and his favorite new thing is to carry the baby Jesus from the nativity set we just got everywhere with him. It is very cute. I second that, Thank you Playmobil!


Erin said...

My son gave the nativity set to his Mimi as a Christmas gift! Next year I think we may do the Playmobil advent calendar.

Glad we're not the only fans out here.