Sunday, October 26, 2008

Matilda? Oscar? Milo? Millicent?

As my dear friends know, I am a tad bit obsessed with baby names. Since my own baby naming days are most likely behind me, I need a school of fish or something. Here are some of my favorite resources:
-- Nymbler is fascinating. Type in a name, and it generates a matching sibling list for you. You can even specify boy or girl.
--Here you can look up the most popular names. Check by individual state, or my favorite, go back a hundred years or so to unearth a little-used classic.
-- This is my favorite naming quiz. My husband and I each took it and then compared notes, which really helped direct our daughter's name.
-- Finally, there are two baby name blogs that are worth subscribing to. If you want to run your names by some NEs ("name enthusiasts"), check the comments after each post here. She also has some interesting naming tools in the top bar. This one is updated almost every day and also has boards here where you can discuss names with others. 

Besides the ones in the title, here are some of my favorite names these days: Abram, Declan, Walter, Eloise, Theo, Betsy (for Elizabeth), Cora and Genevieve.

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