Sunday, August 10, 2008


This book is delightful in so many ways -- the text is charming and the art is wonderfully whimsical (don't miss the rabbit blowing milk bubbles with his straw), but mostly I love it because of a conversation it sparked. But let me backtrack: this book offers interesting definitions of words like "modest," "envy" and "respect."

As my son looked at the page describing "optimist" and "pessimist," which shows a grumpy lady rabbit to the left, and a joyous, baseball-cap-wearing rabbit to the right, both with half a cookie on their plates, my son said, "I don't get it. They both have the same amount of cookie left." And we had a lovely conversation about how even when the situation is the same, two people can perceive things differently.

Don't miss Little Pea, another of our favorites by A. K. Rosenthal. 


Anonymous said...

Erin -
I check your and JP's websites every so often and have gotten such a kick out of seeing your family (and beautiful house!) grow. And I love this Ronan story. He seems like such a smart and curious little guy. Your posts and suggestions are great!

Erin said...

Gabi! How's your little one? Sebastian must be...four?? We celebrated Ronan's fifth birthday this weekend. How fast, and yet how slow, the time goes by. Would love to see you on Facebook. Hope you guys are doing well. -e