Monday, February 11, 2008


As a former high school soccer player, I love the feel of the Oball. It's easy to juggle, and then there's the satisfying sound it makes as it hits the garage door again and again. Lightweight, colorful, and good for all ages. I just saw them at Target, although they only had the smaller size (4.5" diameter) and not the larger (7.5" diameter). Happy thwacking!


JohnPark said...

I must add that you can fling them off a stick at about a billion MPH! If you are so inclined.

A Tiny Big World Blogger said...

When our oldest had the small one of these (we lost ours in Oregon - long story) he discovered you could put a lot of pretzels in the holes. Just thought I'd throw that out there. But seriously. This is a great design and I now feel like I should replace our old one with a BIG one.

Erin said...

You should definitely get the bigger one! It's worth it.